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Toto's Pizzeria and Restaurant - Since 1932

Delivery, Online Ordering
and 3rd Party Vendors

Toto’s Pizzeria Delivery Service:

Standard delivery charge: $2.00
Minimum delivery order: $15.00

3rd Party Vendors: Ordering our food from 3rd party vendors has a higher delivery charge and may also be marked up from our published prices. We do not authorize, promote or get any benefit from any reselling of our food products. Unfortunately when you order from a food delivery service we do not have your name, phone number or any way of identifying you as our customer so we are unable to change your order. Please consider ordering directly next time for a better value and lower delivery charge(link to find us page).

Online Ordering:

Toto's does not offer online ordering at this time.

Toto’s Restaurant and Pizzeria is not affiliated with any online or App. Based ordering platform to deliver our food products.  Toto’s is a registered trade mark, any use of it is strictly prohibited. Toto's has not authorized any 3rd party vendors to deliver our food products, or copy our menu.

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